Alexis Love Penthouse
30 November 2015 at 00:19

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Looking ever so seductive. Miss Love is looking for some lovers, Are you game? The requirement is a hard cock. Alexis is ready to go and with her pussy warm and wet and waiting for you those lips are looking quite suckable. Chances are she will squirt all over your face before you even get a chance to stick your cock in her. Horny Now? With nude lacy thigh highs and red lipstick around your pecker what guy wouldn’t want to get his woody wet from this girl.


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Alexis Love Pic
23 November 2015 at 00:10

This cutie latina love mate has been pounding the porn sites since the tender age of 19. Who couldn’t resist this gal with her long dark hair and brown eyes, all she needs is the pouty lips and he would be in handsome heaven to some guy. Alexis looks like she is a really sweet girl and from the looks of her perky breasts would a lot of fun to tease about being such a young one. With almost 200 titles under her barely grown belt this girl is getting some experience, and someone to keep your eye on and cock hard for.


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Alexis Love Teen
16 November 2015 at 00:07

If you are a guy who has the HOTS for young skinny girls with long hair this is a girl might be one to add to your spank bank. Looking so cute in this picture, playing peek a boo with her dainty sized 32B breasts. Many guys think anything more then a mouthful is a waste, so open wide fellas cause this girl has just enough to make your mouth water. Makes you get excited and want to see more love from this girl, and with a name like Alexis Love how can you forget who makes your heart skip a beat.


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Alexis Love Boobs
8 November 2015 at 23:53

Some people get off by mooning the camera and showing off their penguin, Alexis on the other hand thought she would give us a little peep show of her ever so cute blossoming bosoms. Which we really appreciate, wonder what other clever tricks Alexis has up her she she might be willing to share with her loyal fans. I heard a hot humor about her too, not only does she give amazing blow jobs but she can suck the chrome off a bumper, this is something I think we need to fantasize about for sure. Lucky dude!


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Alexis Love Nubiles
1 November 2015 at 23:52

Alexis enjoys laying around in her panties on Sunday afternoons, chances are this young woman has been out and about on the weekends so a little rest and relaxation to recuperate is exactly what the doctor ordered. Looking so cute in her precious pink panties, Alexis is once again giving a little peep show of her luscious goodies. How many of you guys wouldn’t just love to have her get on her knees and bend over that chair? Sounds too good to be true, maybe this girl is single and not looking for a boyfriend, wishful thinking.


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Alexis Love Nude
25 October 2015 at 23:51

Looks like these pics might have been taken in her dorm room, which might be she has a sexy young dorm mate she rooms with too. Hopefully she is as cute as this girl is, cause seeing a little bit of girl meets girl action would be great about now. I do believe that she has quite a few videos where Alexis has a face full of beaver and trust me that is one or two or three pics and better yet videos we wouldn’t mind seeing right guys! What does a guy gotta do to get a lil sexy Mexy Alexis around these part of my woods.


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Alexis Love Bio
18 October 2015 at 23:45

How did Alexis know that purple knee highs are my favorite piece of lingerie? Tell you what, she can leave those on strike more poses anytime. This 5’3 beauty sure does make a mans mouth water and I bet with the shear curtains behind her that her neighbors never mind that she does shoots at her parents house when they are at work. Love has been in the air since she has been caressing cock since 2006 and as young as she is that means we will be seeing a whole lot more of her for years to cum.

This tiny porn star was born April 7, 1987 and weighs only 95 pounds. She has starred in over 180 adult films. Penthouse Pet of the Month for May 2008. She is a Mexican American and grew up in northern California.

Alexis Love Stats:
Birthday: April 7, 1988
Home: Sacramento, CA
Measurements: 32B-25-32
Weight: 95 pounds
Height: 5’3
Official Site: none


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Alexis Love Pussy
11 October 2015 at 23:27

Well THANK YOU Alexis Love! Now this is one HOT picture of Alexis with one hand on the stripper pole and the other spreading his pussy this is exactly the credentials we needed to see if she has what it takes! Man, the things I do to see her wrap her legs around that pole and hang upside down. gotta love girls with a talent for the pole. Just think, if she can hang upside down, and suck and fuck a hard pole this girl might just become one of our favorite porn princesses to list.


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Alexis Love Topless
4 October 2015 at 23:25

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Out of all the pics that I have seen of Alexis, by far this one has to be my favorite. I am totally digging the idea of her giving us a little strip show with her itty bitty titty bikini top in one hand and a firm grip on her other breast. What would really make my day is to see her lick cum off her chest, now that would be super hot! I am sure I can find about 100 videos of her doing just that too. Gotta admit, she looks a bit more grown up with a little face paint. Either way, she still gets a thumbs up !


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Alexis Love Centerfold
27 September 2015 at 23:24


Penthouse Pet of the Month May 2008

Thank you Penthouse for unmaking the bed with Alexis, how many of us wouldn’t mind coming home to this hot little honey spread across your bed after work. Quickie before dinner she says! Talk about a wet mans dream. I don’t think that the necklace she is wearing is pearls but let me tell ya, she would be wearing a necklace of cum by the time you were down and done with this little miss. And the silver heels, those can stay on too.


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